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3rd EINS Summer School

From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens
3rd EINS


Title 3rd EINS Summer School
From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens
Period 13-20th July 2014
Institution University of Thessaly - Greece
Location Volos / Greece

cultural hARitage Project

Introduction &
Technical Information
This project is part of cultural hARitage project, which combines Augmented Reality and Cultural Heritage content and have been developed in different cities & countries with the WizARt CMS Tool.

To know more about general and technical iformation regarding this project, go to the page:
Academic :: cultural hARitage

cultural hARitage


ARgos - Augmented Reality in Volos

The 3rd EINS
Summer School:
From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens
The third summer school organized by the project EINS, the FP7 Network of Excellence in Internet Science, was entitled "From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens". The goal of EINS was to coordinate and integrate current research initiatives aimed at achieving a deeper multidisciplinary understanding of the development of the Internet as a societal and technological artefact, whose evolution is increasingly intertwined with that of human societies. Its main objective is to allow an open and productive dialogue between all disciplines that study Internet systems under various technological or humanistic perspectives, which are being transformed by the continuous advances in Internet functionalities and applications.

The project ARgos - Augmented Reality in Volos During the 3rd EINS Summer School, opened an oportunity to develop another cultural hARitage project, using the historical and mythological information about the region of Volos.

This project aims to investigate how augmented reality tool can be used for cultural tourism, with mythology and city history’s content applied for Volos / Greece.

Project Author: Joatan Preis Dutra

Project Members: Joatan Preis Dutra
Dimitrios Kofinas

Project Teaser

Concept and Media

Media The available information is divided in several media types, categorized as: audio, text, video, comics and link (to external content). The idea was to get mythological and touristic information regarding the city of Volos, Greece and whereabouts. The content deals as myths such Jason and Argos, Argonauts, Centaurs in Pelion Mountain, but contemporary information as well, as Giorgio di Chirico, Port of Volos, and so on. on other media, such as comics and twitter.

Map The 15 selected media files were placed in 3 different POI (Point of Interest) spread in the Volos' Promenade, positioned next to the content relation (when possible).


  • Image: Map of Argonaut´s Journey Travel
  • Audio: About Jason and Argonauts
  • Text (long): About the Argonauts
  • Text (short): About the Golden Fleece
  • Twitter: Tweets about Argonauts & Volos
  • Audio: Centaurs and Mountain Pelion
  • Twitter: Tweets about Centaurs and Mountain Pelion
  • Text: About Agios Konstantinos Church
  • Text: About University Thessaly
  • Video: Battle of Lapiths and Centaurs
  • Image: Slide-show about Giorgio di Chirico
  • Image: About Tsipouradiko
  • Text: About the Archeological Site of Sesklo
  • Text: About the Port of Volos
  • ideo: Volos (by Atlas Visual)

Avatar For each medium type, there is an avatar to trigger the information. The avatar usually is performing an action related to the medium type, sometimes the avatar can be related to the content. Each avatar, accompanied with a medium icon and file description, as image bellow:

For each medium type, there is an avatar based on Greek Mythology, or based on their content, as illustrated bellow.

On each avatar was followed the concept of using/playing the related medium plus an icon of the medium (as mentioned and illustrated before) with a text label indicating the file purpose. In this way the user can control of what will be triggered, according to their own choices.

The App To use the ARgos - Augmented Reality in Volos application, first it is needed to be at the Volos' Promenade with Junaio App on your mobile devide (iOS or Android) and scan the following QR Code:

If you are not at Volos, or even not in Greece, you can have a preview look on the POIs by scanning the following QR Codes, with junaio app, from any place on Earth:

Files and Videos

Video App Preview: ARgos - POI 1 (@YouTube)

App Preview: ARgos - POI 2 (@YouTube)

App Preview: ARgos - POI 3 (@YouTube)

Final Presentation @3rd EINS Summer School (@YouTube)

Download Final Presentation Results ARgos - Final PPT Presentation
(19 pages, in PDF format)

Download Documentation & Screenshots ARgos - Documentation
(18 pages, in PDF format)

cultural hARitage